Investor Services and
Asset Portfolio Management in the Baltics

Our dedicated team has extensive experience from forestry, land and property transactions,
business development and project management in the Baltics .

Creating deal-flow in forestry, land and sustainable investments
Executing and managing transactions
Management of existing forestry, land and property portfolios
Advisory and legal services

Extensive experience

The Team at Baltic Asset Management have more than twenty years of experience in successfully conducting investments in the Baltics for local and international entities. A strong local presence with well established networks, deep knowledge of legal and administrative processes and a fundamental understanding of how to adapt the processes and execution in order to best suit local conditions in order to maximize returns.

Creating deal flow in forestry
and land investments

Investing in and creating a portfolio of forestry and/or land investments requires not only available capital, but also the ability to generate a sufficient volume of deal flow in order to allocate capital in a timely manner while at the same time maintaining high standards as regards inspection, evaluation and pricing. The Team has a proven track-record of being able to execute large numbers of transactions in order to create large portfolios capable a generating future value for investors.

Executing and managing transactions

When investing in assets, the management of the transaction itself is critical. Whether it concerns the correct execution of many transactions in short time frame, or the execution of larger, more complex transactions, The Team has a wide range of experience from managing and executing transactions not only in the forestry and land sectors, but also within property, energy and related sectors.

Management of existing forestry, land and property portfolios

Once investments have been successfully made, management of the assets is of primary concern in order to provide for continued value growth and future returns. The team at Baltic Asset Management has wide range of experience ranging from larger forest portfolios, energy investments or property. Adapting management decisions to local conditions and considerations and overseeing on-going management activities is central. Retaining services from trusted local third party service providers provides for flexible arrangements and mostly variable management costs.

Advisory services

Baltic Asset Management can provide advisory services throughout all stages of the investment and transaction process. Based on practical knowledge gained from many years of hands-on experience Baltic Asset Management can provide concise and valuable advisory services specific to the situation and goals of the investor or the transaction being conducted.

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